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Adobe Prelude CC 2017 v6.0.1
Adobe Prelude CC 2017 v6.0.1 | 455 MB

Adobe Prelude CC 2017 – Program for professional video capture, allowing to convert any file formats, and set tags. The application offers effective management of file preparation process, instantly creating magazines markers and other temporal metadata, providing the ability to search in the course of finishing.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 v17.0 x86/x64
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 v17.0 x86/x64 | 795 MB

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 – the new version of software for creating professional websites. Software for Web Design Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 includes an intuitive visual interface for creating and editing websites and mobile applications. Use the "rubber models" (Fluid Grid Layouts) with cross-platform support for creating pages. See panel layouts "multiscreen viewing" before publication.

AutoForm^Plus R7 Windows/Linux 64bit-SSQ
AutoForm^Plus R7 Windows/Linux 64bit-SSQ | 2.9 GB

Description: AutoForm offers software for manufacturers of dies and stamping. Using AutoForm software improves reliability in planning, reduces the number of adjustment cycles stamps and setup time. The result is improved quality components and design tools, which can be produced with maximum confidence. In addition, significantly reduced downtime and production of defective products.

GibbsCAM 2016 v11.3.17.0 Win64-SSQ
GibbsCAM 2016 v11.3.17.0 Win64-SSQ | 14.3 GB

GibbsCAM is a system of automated training programs for CNC machine tools, combining ease of use and functional strength. The basic functionality of the system can be expanded by adding custom modules. The intuitive user interface provides easy access to the geometry of the control functions, the tool paths, verification and post-processing.