AuroraSample Tamb-Master v2 KONTAKT

AuroraSample Tamb-Master v2 KONTAKT | 212 Mb

AuroraSample started from its first product, the "Tamb-Master." We recorded tambourines of various shapes from professional to karaoke models, each one very carefully.The number of tambourines is increased 8 times compared with version 1, with about four times the playing methods, and the new version also features improved operability. Sample recording emplied a Solid State Logic console and a variety of microphones, with 19GB worth of recording at 96kHz/32bits in ProtoolsHD. We then sorted and compressed the sounds, and the initial release is equipped with two microphones (SENNHEISER MD441U Mono and SHURE 58 Stereo). With the 2 patches, it amounts to approximately 280MB. Further samples will be added for each microphone in future updates.

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