Bob Perry Audio – Plug-Ins Bundle v1.xx WiN OSX

Bob Perry Audio – Plug-Ins Bundle v1.xx WiN OSX | 58 Mb
ATC v1.0.0, Crossfader v1.4.0, Ducker v1.4.0

Bob Perry Audio Crossfader is the ultimate tool for crossfading between two signals. Perfect for blending different guitar and bass amps, different synthesizers, or any different microphone sounds, for example on drums. Mix two signals into one, always maintaining a perfect output volume. Gain even more control with the Crossfader’s integrated Cross EQ, for boosting one signal’s lows and cutting the other signal’s highs, or vice versa.

Communication is everything. That’s why we’ve developed the Bob Perry ATC. Think of it as a robot that presses the Talkback button for you. Automatically, each time you press Stop in your DAW. And it will automatically release the Talkback button as soon as you hit Record, or Play. So you can instantly discuss the recording with the musician in the recording room or booth, keeping the workflow, well, flowing.

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