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Daily – the application for registration of personal time for Mac users. So simple that it does not even need to learn, easy to install and start the countdown has begun. The main difference Daily of other applications implement automatic approach to the time the account is that it does not track what applications you are running, but instead periodically asks that you at this moment of time doing and "special algorithm" defines you the elapsed time "up to the minute."Functional
When you run the icon appears in the menu bar, click on the Dashboard that falls. It displays all the activity for the day. It is possible to change the frequency of the display on weekly, monthly, yearly or lifetime use.

From time to time the application will ask you what you are doing at the moment. Pressing the "+" button, you can manually make a record of your activity and its duration. Queries can be disabled by activating the mode «Silent Mode", such as a business meeting.

If you have some time absent on the computer, the Daily will ask what you were doing at that time.

In the settings it is possible to specify what days and hours of the application should take into account your time. The frequency of requests, you can specify in the settings, you have three options: rare, fine and often. You can also adjust the automatic closing of the window with a request after a certain time, for example 5 or 10 seconds.

Daily supports customizable keyboard shortcuts. Data recorded time can be downloaded as a CSV file.

What's new in version 1.8.0
New features:
• Introduced support for automation using AppleScript allowing you to control Daily's registration behaviour, manage activities and export data.
• In addition to CSV, Daily now supports exporting as JSON.

• When closing a dialog, the previous application that was focussed will regain focus automatically.
• The dashboard will be closed automatically after adding a correction via a global keyboard shortcut.
• By hovering your mouse over an activity in the dashboard, the full name is displayed as a tooltip. This is useful when the name of an activity is very long.
• Various minor stability and usability improvements.

OS – MacOSX 10.8 or Later
Home Pagehttps://href.li/?https://dailytimeapp.com

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