Future Loops Dusty Breaks and Vintage Drums 2 WAV REX


Future Loops Dusty Breaks and Vintage Drums 2 WAV REX | 1.09 Gb

The wait is finally over ! After the smashing success of Dusty Breaks & Vintage Drums and after an overwhelming popular demand for more, Future Loops is delighted to present Dusty Breaks & Vintage Drums 2! The second installment from our best-selling old-school , vinyl flavored drum goodness!Dusty Breaks & Vintage Drums 2 is here to bring you even more tasty beats and stickylicious live drums ! That is right, Future Loops returns with an hefty dose of crate digging awesomeness, with drums so phat you will not be able to leave the studio for weeks , crackling textures that would make a certain Chester named cheetah with an appetite for fried cheesy snacks melt in delight , and a Lo-Fi warmth reminiscent of an era when Hip Hop actually had groove and the living was easy!

Dusty Breaks & Vintage Drums 2 features several different drum kits, each with its own distinct sound and vibe. These kits were expertly processed to be as irresistible imperfect as possible : distortions , spring reverbs , compression and other retro elements were used to bring you an authentic and truly vintage sound!

With over 900 drum loops & fills at 77BPM, 90BPM and 95BPM adding this premium drum pack to your sample collection is a no-brainer …. Featuring super tight live performances , funky grooves , soulful patterns and chillaxed breaks there is just no limit on how you can use these babies!

Besides WAV, loops are also included as REX for optimal tempo flexibility and the cherry on top…over 650 pre-sliced drum one-shots taken from each drum kit: They are like a room full of little puppies looking at you with their little puppy eyes begging for you to play with them : so go on, show off your skills and make killer beats from scratch : you've got punchy kicks, crispy snares, hats, toms, sexy rims and more!

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