Learn Mindfulness and Deal (Much!) Better with your Emotions


Learn Mindfulness and Deal (Much!) Better with your Emotions
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Tackle Toxic Thoughts, Stop Ruminating and Get Back to Your Life!
In our daily lifes we sometimes feel overwhelmed by negative emotions or by thoughts that insists to pop up in our heads.

Unfortunatelly, we're NOT born with a manual on how to deal with our own emotions!

And the advice of parents, friends, cosmetics magazines or social networks quotes, too often might not be enough.

I'm a psychologist and psychotherapist and the course main goal is to teach you in a clear manner a scientific-based emotional regulation strategy that had been nowadays on the highlights of both the psychology scientific community and media: Mindfulness.

The beginning of the course will, as the title says, make simple lots of Cognitive Behavior Therapy fundamental concepts so anyone (without any prior formation) can understand why Mindfulness works and why it had helped so many people all over the world to deal better with their own thoughts and afflictive emotions.

Later the course will provide clear instruction on how to do mindfulness meditation properly and how to incorporate this practice into your own life.

I also decided to record 100% of this course on a professional studio with the best video and audio equipmet so you can have the best experience at studying Mindfulness online.

I also consider this course a personal project so I'll be here for you to take all your doubts.

You can check totally free THE PREVIEW below of one of the lessons, so you can get what this course is all about!

And if, after signing up for this course, you don't like it or don't think it was worthy of the money spent, you can get within 30 days a FULL REFUND 100% money back guaranteed.

I hope everybody a good ride!

What are the requirements?
– You doesn't need any prior knowledge in emotional regulation or psychology. My whole intention with this course is to explain psychological concepts and teach evidence-based scientific practices in ways that EVERYONE can understand.
– You'll simply and mostly need a Computer, a Smartphone or a Tablet and also access to Internet. In this way, you'll be able to ride through the plataform and complete the lessons.
– A pen and a piece of paper will be required to complete some of the exercises.
– In the future, you might need also a place so you can be alone to follow the course instructions and implement a mindfulness practice.
– The most important thing you need is MOTIVATION to LEARN to deal with your thoughts, emotions and behaviors in a whole NEW and maybe unexpected way.

What am I going to get from this course?
– Over 12 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
– Spot common errors in your own thinking!
– Learn an easy way to un-distract from bad thoughts and bring your focus to what really matters!
– Get instructions on how to create a daily practice of mindfulness meditation.

What is the target audience?
– This course is for you If you have negative repetitive thoughts that seems to like keep bothering you!
– This course is for you If you feel that your emotions keep getting in your way, in your professional or personal life!
– This course is for you If you feel that your emotional life is almost a roller coaster with so much ups and downs! And you somehow believe there might be a better way to deal with this.
– This course is for you If you perceive that sometimes you avoid doing things that you want because of anxiety, shame or other afflictive emotion. And feel that this is holding you back!
– This course is for you If the advice you get on how to deal with thoughts and emotions, from friends, self-help books or social media, in fact doesn't really work. But you still believe there might be some other more efficient way!
– This course IS FOR YOU if you really want to follow professional advice and take action, to learn new ways to get in touch with your own suffering and become in your daily life more happier!





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