MAGIX Photostory Deluxe 2018

MAGIX Photostory Deluxe 2018 | 1.42 GB

MAGIX Photostory 2018 Deluxe – you can create exciting videos from your most beautiful photos. In the shortest possible time, with individual design and resolution up to Ultra HD. You can relive and demonstrate to friends and acquaintances on the screen of your computer, TV or smartphone all the best moments of life in the form of a photo story.

A completely redesigned software user interface offers you even more overview. Modern icons make the work with the program even more intuitive, which allows you to instantly transform your most beautiful memories into an individual photo story.

Main functions:
– For all camera formats, including HEVC **
– 8 tracks for randomly placing photos, video or music
– Work with 360 ° recordings and panoramic mounting
– Ideal image stabilization with Mercalli V2 proDAD technology
– Automatic image quality improvement and view transfer
– Impressive templates for captions and editing
– Fantastic effects, introductions and endings, decorative elements, music and much more.
– Convenient animation of travel routes
– Highest quality (3D and 4K resolution)

New features of Photostory:
– Optimized Photostory Wizard
With the help of the Photostory Wizard, importing your photos and videos will become even easier.
A comprehensive and intuitive user interface with all the important functions allows you to automatically create photo histories in time with your own music.
Several keystrokes are enough to get the finished photo story, which, if desired, can be further developed and creatively designed in the main program.
– Editing photos in full-screen mode
Beauty in any detail: from now on you can process photos in Photostory Deluxe in full-screen mode and creatively complement their effects. Thus, you can view the photos with maximum sharpness even before their presentation.
– Editing slideshow
Each story is unique! Therefore, the sequence of photos can be changed in the Photostory Assistant using the Drag & Drop function. Another novelty: the imposition of texts in different styles.
– New Music Photostory
New music will really revive your photo story. And thanks to the wide selection of new songs in such genres as Chillout, lounge, rock and pop or house, you will find a suitable soundtrack for any story.
– Automatic view transfer
Transfer the desired view from one record to another.
Colors and shades will be automatically applied to the new material and thus a single color space will emerge.
– Creative effects for the edges of images
Unwanted black edges in the vertical format of your photos can be changed with the help of special effects, so that they are ideally included in your photo history.
– Transfer of media materials
Camera MX Take photos and videos with Camera MX.
Then you can transfer media from your Android smartphone via WLAN-Projekt-Transfer directly to Photostory Deluxe.
– New design elements
Many new elements of content will give your photo stories a decent image. For example, now in Photostory Deluxe you can take advantage of an even larger selection of entry / end templates and transitions.

Other professional features:
– Processing of 360 ° materials
Decide on the desired fragment of your 360 ° panorama and create dynamic motion pictures.
– Image stabilization of the highest level
With the help of technology proDAD Mercalli V2, you can save for your photo history completely unusable at first glance materials.
– Full color correction
Use the function of automatic image optimization or independently process individual color areas down to the smallest detail.
– High-quality templates for captions and movies
Thematic templates for any occasion. Opening and closing credits, dividers of chapters and subtitles you can very simply arrange to your liking.
– Huge archive of sound effects and music
More than 750 professional sound effects and music will help you fully voice your photo histories.

MAGIX Photostory Deluxe 2018 advantages:
– For all camera formats, including HEVC
– Support of the new 4K resolution
– 8 configurable tracks for photos, videos and music
– Edit 360° footage and create panorama montages
– Perfect image stabilization with proDAD Mercalli V2
– Automatic image optimization
– Amazing titles and editing templates
– Fantastic effects, decorative elements, music and more
– Convenient travel route animations
– High output quality in 4K resolution and 3D
– Slideshows for TV, PC, Web, Blu-ray, projectors and mobile devices
– Create slideshows automatically
– Integrated video editing for video clips
– HDR effects
– Detailed travel route animations
– Professional movie templates
– Extensive color correction
– Artistic photo collages
– Customized zooms and panning shots
– Powerful audio dubbing (e.g. images that change to the beat of the music)
– Dynamic effect changes
– Touch elements – no mouse needed

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