Master Audio and its Sidekicks 7.2

Master Audio and its Sidekicks 7.2 | 7.8 MB

Our audio PC software has been developed to solve issues that are hard (if not impossible) to perform on todays popular smart phones that have limited screen size and resources: in other words "legacy type software" that is constantly updated to keep up with the times. All offered software is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit).
Use this software to perform these functions and to easily solve your audio tasks:

Record streaming audio, such as the audio from Youtube videos: if you can hear it – you can record it without any soundcard configuration or special drivers – it just works!
-Build up your music library easily and legally – get the 'oldies', are even the new stuff if you must;-) that are hard to find – never pay a cent for any music title again! Put on your PC, burn to CD, or transfer to any devise that will play'em.

Record speeches, lectures, sermons, events, etc…
-Archive for future listening or publish on the iNet to share with the public.

Record and create new audio content, via your voice (microphone), for sending by eMail – audio eMail, publishing on the web for public or private listening.
-Creating audio eMail may be a little more work but it is way more personal and effective to get your message across. Plain ole eMail is commonly misunderstood.

Easily split a recording (or master audio track) into separate tracks (i.e. chop a recorded music album into individual song tracks, etc…)

No hassle conversion of text content to audio: great for folks that are low sighted or want to create their own audio ebooks.
-There are thousands of old classic books available on the iNet (i.e. as plain text files – edit the text then convert to audio easily – even add your own comments within.

Edit audio: remove annoying applause, remove silence, filter out static noise, create mixed audio content, add 'bumper' music to the front and/ or end of a recording, add any of the array of 'effects' (i.e. reverb, equalized values, fade in/ out, add or subtract volume, remove clicks and hiss, etc…).
-Make audio files sound YOUR WAY!

Needle to Digital! Converting vinyl records, or cassettes, to digital audio is easier then you might think.
-Be sure to keep this new talent to do this (vinyl to digital conversion) a secret from your neighbors – cuz you'll be flooded with requests to convert all their vinyl too! Or maybe be a hero – or start a new biz – by offering this task as a service for free or pay.

Make managing your audio files more effective by adding or editing the ID tags (including cover art) to any audio format (i.e. mp3) that supports this function.

There's lots more that these software apps can help you with – but how about this? Let me show you how easy it might be, using our/ your software, to enhance your life – by starting a new hobby or creating a small business to either make some extra bucks or just for the enjoyment of it!



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