MediBang Paint Pro 6.2 (x86/x64) Multilingual

MediBang Paint Pro 6.2 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 33.9/38.4 Mb

Create comics pictures with this intuitive application that supports many effects and adjustments, such as image blurring or flipping. Cartoons have always been very popular with audiences of various ages and it was only natural that many digital tools have been created to assist artists in generating rich works of art. Anime-style comics, in particular, have received a lot of attention from software engineers, given their huge popularity.Express your self artistically with MediBang Paint.
* In order to bring your imagination to life on the computer screen you need know how to take full advantage of a paint software's tools.
* MediBang Paint is light, and user friendly, and comes loaded with all of FireAlpaca's features and more.

Our new engine is designed to optimize performance of all pen tablets.
* MediBang Paint uses a light weight graphics engine optimized for graphics pen tablets.
* Due to this, users will be able to take full advantage of their pen tablet's various features.

With your pen tablet in sync with MediBang Paint, you'll be able to work moreefficiently than ever before.
* With cloud storage, you can work anywhere.
* You can use MediBang Paint's cloud storage, so you can you can access your art anytime, anywhere.
* Even if you're on the move, even if you change computers, you can get to work quickly.

Work as a team and share the joy of drawing.
* Making an entire comic by yourself can be extremely difficult and time consuming. With MediBang Paint, you can form groups with other users, share files with them, and complete projects together.
* In MediBang Paint, you can form groups and share your work saved on cloud storage seamlessly, speeding up your production rate drastically.
* On top of that, you can share or download custom textures, tones, and brushes with other users, giving you access to even more resources.

Innovative comic creation tools, that make production more efficient!
* MediBang Paint comes with tons of premade backgrounds, buildings, and screentones. If those aren't enough, you'll be able to download more from our cloud server. In addition to that, we have tools to help you easily make comic panels and organize your comic pages.

Everyone loves MediBang Paint
* Regardless of your device or OS or country if you love making comics you'll love MediBang Paint.
* MediBang Paint Tablet has been released on Android and iOS so you can make almost any device your canvas.

New in version 6.0 (2015/12/17)

New Features
* Manga projects with front and back covers that have been created separately can now be merged.
* Pressing Ctrl/Command while selecting a layer will cause the items in that layer to be selected.
* Alternate selection modes can be used by pressing Shift or Alt/Option.
* PNG files can now be saved as grayscale files.

* The brush size display while drawing has been adjusted.
* Pen pressure adjustments made.
* Italian and Spanish UI adjustments have been made.
* Rotating the canvas with gestures has been improved.
* A bug that sometimes occurred with the Select Pen and undoing of Item material rasterization has been fixed.
* A bug that sometimes occurred with the Edge Pen and clipping layers has now been fixed.
* A bug that sometimes occurred when creating a canvas with a length over 20,000 px has been fixed.
* A bug that sometimes occurred when when adding a draft page has been fixed.
* The team list displayed when choosing a cloud project group has been adjusted.
* A bug where floating windows could sometimes not be changed in size has been adjusted.
* A bug that sometimes occurred when logging in and out has been fixed.
* Inklet now supports MediBang Paint
* Manga projects can now be expanded to 320 pages
* A thumbnail is now displayed on the version management page
* Locally saved files can now be cloud saved easier.

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