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Everything you need to add any effect to your photos. ON1 Effects includes filters, presets, borders, and textures. With live adjustments, stack effects to create your own look, and save your own custom presets. Hundreds of presets and 23 stackable filters.Includes hundreds of awesome presets to get you started in these genres: Architecture, Black and White, Cinematic, Color Grading, Faded & Matte, Film, Haze Reducer, Hipster, Landscape, People, Sports, Urban, Weddings

23 stackable, adjustable filters including: Adjustable Gradient, Adjustment Brush, Antique, Black and White, Bleach Bypass, Blur, Borders, Color Enhancer, Cross Process, Dynamic Contrast, Glow, Grunge, HDR Look, Lens Blur, Lens Flare, Noise Reduction, Photo Filter, Portrait Enhancer, Sharpening, Split Tone, Sunshine, Texturizer, Tone Enhancer, Vignette, Vintage

– Masking Brush
– Quick Mask Brush
– Masking Bug
– Line Mask
– Refine Mask Brush
– Blur Mask Brush
– Chisel Mask Brush
– Zoom
– Pan

– Blend filters using the familiar black and white mask concept, paint with black to hide and white to reveal.
– Edge-detecting Perfect Brush
– Refine difficult edges like hair, smoke and fog with the Refine Brush
– Straight-edged Line Mask tool is perfect for masking geometric shapes like buildings and windows
– Masking Bug creates flexible, editable gradient masks in either round or rectangle shapes
– Unique mask clean up tools like the Mask Blur and s Mask Chisel make edge blending realistic

– Export single photos
– Adjust crop, size and resolution
– Resize your photos with patented Genuine Fractals algorithm
– Export to TIF, JPG, PNG or PSD formats
– Convert to different color spaces
– Batch rename exported files
– Add gallery wrap wings for printing on canvas
– Divide an image it tiles for printing mosaics or murals
– Add a watermark like a logo
– Apply a preset from Enhance or Effects on the fly
– Sharpen photos for print or screen use
– Save export presets

Platform: x64

Home Pagehttps://www.on1.com/apps/effects10

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