Origin Sound Studio Cymbal Sessions (WAV)

Origin Sound Studio Cymbal Sessions (WAV) | 1.92 GB

Studio Cymbal Sessions focuses directly on high-quality studio recordings to add clarity to your mixes and this package ensures that you will never lag behind the vertices in your sample library.

Each sample was recorded with a sampling frequency of 96 kbps to preserve the character and squeeze the maximum out of each plate. Using the full range of plates with different sticks, brushes, brushes and hammers, we really did our best to ensure that you can add subtler nuances to your rhythm section.

• Over 642 High Fidelity Cymbal Hits
• 209 x (AAX 14Inch) Hi-Hats: (53 x Flourishes, 156 x Single Hits)
• 098 x (AAX 17Inch) Explosion Crash: (50 x Chokes, 25 x Flourishes, 23 x Single Hits)
• 117 x (AAX 18Inch) Fast Crash: (48 x Chokes, 22 x Flourishes, 47 x Single Hits)
• 055 x (Oriental 11Inch) Splash: (10 x Flourishes, 45 x Single Hits)
• 050 x (Sabien 21Inch) Raw Bell Dry Ride: (15 x Extras, 10 x Flourishes, 25 x Single Hits)
• 113 x (Zildjian 16Inch) Oriental China Trash: (55 x Chokes, 28 x Flourishes, 30 x Single Hits)
• 004 x (Bonus): Demo Track Top Loops
• 646 x Individual WAVs Files In Total
• This Includes 2x AAX Crashes, 1x Raw Bell Dry Ride, 1x AAX Hi-Hat, 1x Oriental Splash, 1x Oriental China
• A Combination Of Single Hits, Flourishes And Chokes
• All Hits Used With Sticks, Brushes, Mallets, Rods
• Compatible With All DAWs

Publisher: Origin Sound
Website: Origin Sound
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 96 kHz stereo

Home Page:

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