RevisionFX Collection Nov 2016 MacOSX

RevisionFX Collection Nov 2016 | MacOSX | 140 MB

Enhance Your Artistry our academy award-winning plug-ins are today's industry standard for visual effects.Includes:
– RevisionFX DENoise for OFX.v3.0.6.MACOSX
– RevisionFX PV.Feather.v1.7.1.MACOSX
– RevisionFX ReelSmart.Motion.Blur for Avid.v5.0.3.MACOSX
– RevisionFX ReelSmart.Motion.Blur for OFX.v5.2.4.MACOSX
– RevisionFX REFill.v2.2.1.MACOSX
– RevisionFX REMatch.v1.4.4.MACOSX
– RevisionFX Shade.Shape.v4.2.2.MACOSX
– RevisionFX SmoothKit.v3.3.2.MACOSX
– RevisionFX Twixtor for OFX.v6.2.5.MACOSX

OS – MacOSX 10.8 or Later
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