Future Loops Klub Pop MULTiFORMAT


Future Loops Klub Pop MULTiFORMAT | 706 MB

Future Loops is proud to present Klub Pop, an edgy collection of chart-topping Construction Kits with a fresh urban flavor and edgy attitude. Klub Pop draws inspiration from the current crossover of styles that are smashing the charts and comes fully packed with all the new generation elements found in pop RnB and urban productions : enticing hook lines, floor bangin’ Drums, phat Snares and Claps , razor sharp Leads , booming Basses and gated Synths !

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Future Loops Mosh Punk Drums MULTiFORMAT


Future Loops Mosh Punk Drums MULTiFORMAT | 487 MB

Future Loops is proud to present Mosh – Punk Drums a superior collection of Punk Rock Drum Loops and Fills. Mosh – Punk Drums includes heavyweight drum patterns that are perfect for Punk productions but also Alternative , Rock and whatever track that needs a striking rhythm played with intense energy and thrust!

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Zero-G Other Worlds MULTiFORMAT


Zero-G Other Worlds MULTiFORMAT | 5.73 Gb

Created by the producer of our highly acclaimed Haunted Ground sample library, OTHER WORLDS is a huge library delving into the exploration and creation of cinematic textures. Atmospheric, organic, soothing, melodic, evolving, morphing, dissonant, distorted, piercing, chilling, eerie, driving, dark, noisy, bright, floating, spacious, overwhelming…

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Niche Audio Sublime Techno [NI Maschine Expansion WAV]


Niche Audio Sublime Techno | NI Maschine Expansion WAV | 192 MB

When Niche Audio creates a Maschine expansion pack, the bar we set ourselves is very high. However, with Sublime Techno we aimed to go even higher. We went for a very modern, punchy sound with classic elements, all of it sampled using hi end analogue hardware. Then we took all those sounds and constructed expertly programmed and mixed kits intended to not only present you with the best possible mixed and programmed producer kits, but also to inspire and help you create your own masterpieces.

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Bitley Fairlight Platinum ReFill

Bitley Fairlight Platinum ReFill | 1.75 GB

EMINESSENCE REVIEW: “Fairlight Platinum is unique in that it’s the only reason refill of its kind that has become a living document of sorts. In other words, it continues to grow and evolve. Bitley continues to find ways to pack more value, more bang for your buck, and higher quality into this already peerless product. I’m confident in saying that Bitley’s refills and sound libraries are the standard by which all sound libraries, regardless of the platform, should be judged.”

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