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SimpleMind 1.14 | MacOSX | 10.7 MB

SimpleMind Desktop is a mind-mapping tool that turns your Mac into a brainstorming, idea-collecting, and thought-structuring device. It connects to the similar SimpleMind for iPhone/iPad app.SimpleMind Features (Full Edition):
– Unique Free lay-out to organize your ideas exactly how you want it.
– Horizontal auto layout, perfect for brainstorming
– Three additional auto-layouts; Vertical, top down and list.
– Virtually unlimited page size and unlimited elements. Create as many Mind Maps as you want.
– Make multiple Mind Maps on one page.
– Use single select or select multiple elements at once.
– Add topics and sibling easily. Drag, rotate (re)arrange or reconnect topics or branches.
– Share the Mind Map as .pdf, image, outline, freemind or opml.
– Copy Outline Text places entire mind map as text on device clipboard. (Not for iPad/iPhone)
– Print
– Add notes to topics, ideal to add long texts without cluttering your Mind Map.
– Add images or photos.
– Supports play back of video recordings made with iPad/iPhone.
– Supports play back of Voice Memo's made with iPad/iPhone/Android.
– Use the preinstalled stock icons or add as many custom icons as you want.
– Add labels to topics and relations.
– Add Links to documents or webpages. (The Mac edition from the AppStore does not support linking to your computer due to Apple's security policies)
– Add Links to Mind Maps or a specific topic.
– Desktop only: Use the bookmarks of a PDF to import pdf as a linked mind map, ideal for a quick start. (AppStore edition only via Dropbox, due to Apple's security policies)
– Collapse or expand branches
– Hide or show individual Topics or branches
– Show Branch Borders to highlight a branch.
– Use checkboxes, crosslinks and auto numbering
– Search for Mind Maps containing text.
– Desktop only: Advanced search options in Mind Map editor: search for checkbox state (unchecked, checked) or icon.
– Organize Mind Maps in Folders.
– Navigation History
Change the style and color for the whole mind map at up to a single element.
– Apply our pre-defined style sheets, choose between levels or branch based colors.
– Create custom style sheets with SimpleMind Desktop and use it on all platforms. Customise colors, lines and borders. (needs SimpleMind for Desktop).
– Customize background color.
– Pick colors from the style color palette or choose custom colors.
– Seamless synchronisation across platforms using Dropbox
– Sync mind maps safely to Dropbox
– ImportMind Maps. Opens native .smmx, .opml and freemind files. SimpleMind for Desktop: import PDF bookmarks.
– Export / Import all local Mind Maps in a single archive, ideal for backups.
– Create New (linked) Mind Map from selection.

Version 1.14
– Outliner – in the Inspector panel (on the right), displayed in the image below. Outliner synchronizes with the selection in the editor. Also useful when Searching in the Mind Map. Use drag & drop in the outline to reorder topics.
– Keyboard shortcuts for Show Outline ⌘1, Show Note ⌘2 allow fast switching between topics in outline and note.
– Angled relation paths and Adjustable relation paths.
– New build-in style sheet: Chart (angled paths + arrows)
– Check spelling for entire Mind Map, shorcut ⌘;
– Live spelling and automatic spelling correction support for Mind Map editor
– Paste Text as List and Import plain text .txt files. Each new line creates a new topic, leading tabs are interpreted as hierarchy level.
– "Enable Snap Options" check added to Snap Options. Snap to guide lines and snap to grid are only active when this option is checked. – Pressing ⌘ (Command) while dragging a topic, temporarily inverts this option. This allows easy enabling/disabling the snap feature in specific cases.
– Relation style presets, create and apply adjusted relation styles
– Export as Encapsulated PostScript (eps) (Export, Mail, Export to Dropbox)
– Removed "reorder topics" panel, reordering sibling order is now more conveniently done with the outliner.
– Bug fixed related to layout mode panel on OSX 10.6
– Bug fixed related to Mind Map Search Bar not appearing on older OSX systems.
– Bug fixed that made it impossible to copy a Mind Map from Dropbox to the local root folder.

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later
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