KISSsoft 03.2017F (x86)

KISSsoft 03.2017F (x86) | 2.02 GB

KISSsoft is a software package to perform sizing calculations for machine elements. The gears are the central element in the transmission. In addition, shafts, bearings, connecting elements, springs, as well as chains/belts can also be calculated. KISSsoft is rounded out by supplementary modules performing such tasks as tolerance calculations and conversions between different hardness systems.

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Altium Designer Beta 18.1.4 Build 159 (x64)

Altium Designer Beta 18.1.4 Build 159 (x64) | 2.09 GB

Altium Designer is an integrated system for designing high-speed electronic devices based on printed circuit boards, which allows the developer to create projects, starting with the circuit diagram and the VHDL description of FPGAs, modeling the resulting circuits and VHDL codes, preparing files for production, and the concept of Live Design, both called live design, allows you to complete the project by debugging it on a NanoBoard.

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Resolume – Arena 6.0.7 x64

Resolume – Arena 6.0.7 x64 | 845 MB

Resolume Arena is a powerful professional tool that allows you to freely combine sound and video, as well as create high-quality visual effects for video clips. The concept of the interface of the program is to represent a certain desktop on which the user "decomposes" the materials for the future video and will try various combinations.

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MAGIX – Sound Forge Pro 12.0.29 x64

MAGIX – Sound Forge Pro 12.0.29 x64 | 220 MB

Sound Forge ™ Pro 12 – provides effective and reliable operation of monitors and sound directors, with full consideration of all aspects of sound editing and mastering. Both in the studio and in the field, this is an extremely useful program for media professionals who need to create and edit audio files – quickly and accurately.

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