DMSoft Software Pack 14.01.2017

DMSoft Software Pack 14.01.2017 | 118 Mb (Total)

DMSoft Technologies Outsourcing Software Development Company supply a wide range of high-quality programming services from GUI applications development to the developing of sophisticated engines and programming complexes as well as Custom Software Development, Web Programming, Web Design, Software Applications Development at low cost software development company, programming, custom software development, offshore programming, offshore software development, Programming Services, offsite outsourcing, offsite outsourcing software development, internet programming, network protocol, driver development, web programming, IT, IT outsourcing, wireless drivers, internet application, web development, web design, outsourcing, Custom software solution, system engineering, software, DMSoft Technologies, DMSoft, commuting, telecommuting, programmer, programmers, Offshore Programming, custom web software development.

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NextLimit Maxwell Software Pack 31.12.2016 (Win/Mac)

NextLimit Maxwell Software Pack 31.12.2016 (Win/Mac) | 1.54 Gb (Total)

Maxwell 4’s major new feature – a GPU render engine! The new engine requires a CUDA® capable NVIDIA® graphics card to use all the power that GPUs provide to accelerate the render process. All the technology under the hood is identical to the classic CPU engine – which means your images are exactly the same, unbeatable Maxwell quality.

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MathSol Software Pack 02.01.2017

MathSol Software Pack 02.01.2017 | 8 MB

Fit thousands of data into your equations in seconds. CurveFitter gives scientists, researchers and engineers the power to find the ideal model for even the most complex data, including equations that might never have been considered. You can build equation set which can include a wide array of linear and nonlinear models for any application.

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Reallusion FaceFilter 3.02.2713.1 SE + Bonus Pack

Reallusion FaceFilter 3.02.2713.1 SE + Bonus Pack | 281.1 MB

FaceFilter3 is the leading photo retouching tool based upon real-life makeup theory. With a single click, you can apply distinctive makeup templates to achieve an ideal look. Reveal a natural flawless complexion with skin smoothing and blemish removal tools, and enhance your look further by applying custom contour and highlight layers to accentuate attractive facial angles. A versatile eye makeup system features realistic hair texture for eyelashes and eyebrows, and an extensive muscle-based facial morphing system allows you to reshape features and enhance expressions. Add lens filters and DSLR effects to give an ultra realistic studio polish to your photo.

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