Ticket01 CoNtoURBS For Maya 2010, 2011 32Bit & 64Bit – [Download Free]


When it comes to creating high-quality wireframe renderings of your objects there’s the contour rendering option in mental ray. Unfortunately this feature will only render polygonal geometry. What if you need a high-quality wireframe rendering of your NURBS geometry?
This is where CoNtoURBS comes into play. It combines a Maya plug-in with a custom mental ray shader. Its setup cannot be easier than: select your NURBS object, create the complete setup via the plug-in, render! The images show the difference between the Maya viewport preview and the CoNtoURBS shader.


The shader also supports trimmed surfaces and you can even override the span count in U and V direction without changing the object itself! CoNtoURBS allows for simple contour shading as well as using it in conjunction with every other more complex contour shader, e.g. contour_shader_depthfade, mental ray offers.

CoNtoURBS for mental ray for Maya works within Maya and in batch rendering.


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