Ticket01 Wire For Maya 2010, 2011 32Bit & 64Bit – [Download Free]


Welcome to ticket01′s Wire, the most powerful solution to creating wires along arbitrary curved objects. Whether it might be electric cables, steel ropes or abstract helix-like objects, Wire is the plug-in you’re looking for. It’s been designed to be very easy to use but to deliver powerful and great looking results at the same time!

Wires in Wire can be created in two ways. In Single Curve Mode one curve is used as a strand and completely determines the direction of the resulting wires. Attributes like the radius, the distance of the resulting wires from the strand, can be manipulated explicitly. In Double Curves Mode the wires are created between the two curves.

Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/65073678/edd0267/Ticket01_Wire_For_Maya_2010_2011_32Bit__64Bit.rar.html

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