VVEngine 2.1 Build 2106


VVEngine 2.1 Build 2106 | 4.5 MB

Schedule your ViceVersa profiles with VVEngine. VVEngine works seamlessly with ViceVersa PRO. It is specifically designed to optimize scheduling of your ViceVersa PRO profiles. Manage and schedule multiple profiles. VVEngine makes it very easy to manage and schedule your ViceVersa profiles. Each profile can be scheduled separately and organized into categoriesControl VVEngine using a Web Browser. You can access VVEngine from any machine connected to the network with a Web Browser. You are not limited to the machine where VVEngine is running. show
Extensive scheduling options. Set the profiles to run every X minutes, every X hours, every X days. You can exclude certain days/hours from the schedule, set your profiles to run at startup, as soon as file changes are detected, and much more …
Detect external drives and network connections. Set profiles to run when external drives or network connections are detected.
Re-run profiles on error. If an error occurs during a profile run, you can set VVEngine to restart the profile after X minutes.
Run profiles sequentially. You can "link" ViceVersa profiles and schedule them to run sequentially.
Keep track of the profile history. VVEngine will keep track of all your profile runs and lets you see the number of files and data copied/deleted, any errors, run time elapsed, for up to the last 15 runs. show
Setup VVEngine to run as a service. VVEngine can be setup to run as a Windows Service easily. The service will continue to run even when no one is logged on to the server.

OS : Windows2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
Language : English

Home Pagehttp://www.tgrmn.com/

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